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Looking At The Beef In The Vegetarian Argument

Graham Hill, founder of (an incredible source for anything to do with living a green lifestyle) is questioning how eating meat can or should be a part of a system of sustainable agriculture. A meat-eater himself, Graham recently collected some facts on how a meat eating diet contributes to both our health and our environment.

Perhaps if Graham Hill still needs some more facts, he should read John Robbins’ book, “The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World”.

Below are the main facts he discusses in this article:

1. Eating a hamburger a day could increase a person’s risk of dying by a third from cancer, heart disease, stroke and the list goes on.

2. Billions of extra health care spending can be attributed to our meat eating lifestyles.

3. Eating meat spews more emissions than our cars, trains, and planes combined.

4. Pound for pound beef production uses at least 100 times the water of say, lettuce.

5. And, beef production emits nearly 100 times more greenhouse gas emissions than growing veggies.

6. Meat and livestock cause twice the pollution of all industry combined.

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