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November 29, 2015



Vegan Banana Boat


- banana
- vegan chocolate bar (Trader Joe’s makes a great one in a green package)
- Vegan marshmallows (Whole Foods)

- Cut open the banana (leave the peal on) and stuff in chocolate and marshmallows and then try to close it up and then wrap in foil or don’t – your choice (I don’t like to use foil))
- put banana on the grill over the fire and let it all melt (a few minutes) then take it off the fire, open it up and enjoy!


Vegan S’mores

- Vegan Marshmallows (Whole Foods)
- Vegan Chocolate (Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods)
- Graham Crackers

- You may think it’s funny to have directions but I’m married to a man from Ireland who never had even heard of a s’mores until I made him one. This recipe needs to be enjoyed internationally!
- Take out a graham cracker and break it in half
- put down a piece of chocolate on side
- roast your marshmallow over the fire until it’s just the way you like it
- put the marshmallow on top of the piece of chocolate and use the other half of the graham cracker to help pull it off of the stick
- turn it into a sandwich and enjoy!


Camping breakfast:

This is my Dad’s recipe. He made it every time we went camping when I was little and we all love it! It is a perfectly hearty and healthy breakfast to wake up to on a cold morning or any morning when you’re out camping.

(use however much you want of each item, it’s just to your taste)
- Red Russet Potatoes
- Red onion
- Garlic- “sausages” (Whole Foods has an incredible meatless sausage by a company called Field
Roast Grain Meat Co. – it’s called Smoked Apple Sage and you can buy them at Whole Foods. Click here to see their website)
- olive oil
- salsa – preferably the kind with nice large tomato chunks – not a pico de gallo but more of a pace picante style salsa so that it adds more of a stew like quality.


- Cut up the potatoes into bite size pieces – thin slices are good because they’ll cook faster
- slice up the red onion into edible thin slices
- mince the garlic (use as much as you want)
- cut the sausages into small slices
- pour the olive oil into a large saute pan or even a pot if you’re making a lot
- saute the sausages until they look good to you (sorry, I’m not an expert recipe writer!) then set aside
- Saute the garlic and onions for a minute or so and then add in the potatoes
- saute them all together until they’re starting to stick or burn and then add in the salsa to create a good amount of moisture so that it can all simmer and absorb the flavors
- add in the sausages and let simmer for 5 minutes or so and then serve.


Mexican Food Night

- ground soy “meat”- mexican blend (an insanely awesome spice by Morton and Basset – photo below)
- tortillas
- salsa
- tomatoes
- onions (green, white or red)
- avocado
- rice
- can of beans (I like to add in a can of vegan refried beans with a can of black beans so that even my family members who “hate” black beans get them anyways – but I’m mean like that!)


Do you really need directions? Warm everything up, let everyone add what they want into their burrito and eat!


Spiders! (aka: Spiced Cider):

Another family tradition was spiced cider. We obviously weren’t allowed to have it when we were little, but it was a sort of “coming of age” tradition in which as you got to a certain age you were allowed to have some special cider by the campfire. Now that I’m an adult, it’s my favorite
camping beverage – especially on cold nights!


- Apple Cider packets (although they are filled with crap)/or apple cider that you bring
- Brandy
- Mulling Spices (you can buy individual “tea bags” of organic mulling spices to put in your drinks; photo below)


Heat up your apple cider, add your mulling spices and pour in as much brandy as you like, be careful… a little bit goes a long way!


Other tips/ideas:

Pre-measure out 1 cup servings of rice (or any other grain/bulk item) in a bag rather than bringing the whole thing of rice and write how much is in there on the bag for easy use!Salsa – lots of it for camping breakfast, mexican food night, anything!

Instant mashed potatoes

Vegan animal crackers (costco)
Have fun!!


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