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8 Reasons To Stop Drinking Milk NOW

Click here to read this GREAT article from Planet Green on why milk is not good for us or the environment. Below is a general list from the article of why milk is not good, but I would recommend reading the article in it’s entirety.

Environmental Reasons to Avoid Milk: 1. Dairy cows produce waste 2. Let me repeat: dairy cows produce lots and lots of waste (and greenhouse gases) 3. Milk production ultimately leads to climate change 4. Milk often contains unwanted ingredients Health Reasons to Avoid Milk 5. Cow’s milk is for cows 6. Milk is actually a poor source for dietary calcium 7. Contrary to popular belief, milk may actually increase the likelihood of osteoporosis (“As explained by John Robbins, ‘The only research that even begins to suggest that the consumption of dairy products might be helpful [in preventing osteoporosis] has been paid for by the National Dairy Council itself.’) 8. Milk makes you fat

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