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Vegan Breakfast Basics

Transitioning to a vegan diet from the Standard American Diet (also known as S.A.D.!) can be a pretty daunting task at first so here are some basic vegan breakfast ideas to get your mind thinking about all the options you have!

In addition, every single one of these recipes is kid tested, vegan mama approved!

Organic Oatmeal:

Make sure not to get instant oatmeal as it has been heavily processed. Try Bob’s Red Mill (a company that produces a lot of great products) Organic Scottish Oatmeal. Don’t forget you can add things like blueberries, dried fruit and nuts to your oatmeal to give it some more flavor.

Frozen Organic Waffles:

My favorite frozen waffle brand is Vans Natural Foods Wheat and Gluten Free in Blueberry or Apple Cinnamon) They are vegan, made with whole grains and sweetened with fruit juice. I also like Van’s Organic Waffles with VitaminBoost. You can “butter” them with Earth Balance vegan butter and add organic fruit to make it more interesting.

Greens Breakfast smoothie:

My favorite morning smoothie consists of organic bananas, blueberries, soy, almond or rice milk, Pine’s Wheat Grass, Chlorella and All One Powder. For more info check out the recipe here.

Soy Yogurt:

My favorite brand of Soy Yogurt is made by Whole Soy Co. I especially love the cherry flavor. Regardless of what brand you buy, make sure that it is made with non-GMO organic soybeans.


If just yogurt is not enough to satisfy your appetite, try yogurt topped with granola, or as my Grandmother called it, Ambrosia. My favorite brand of granola is Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola made by Nature’s Path.

Granola with soy, almond, rice or hemp milk:

Toast with Butter:

This isn’t just your average toast with butter since it’s vegan, although you’d never be able to tell the difference, I swear! My favorite organic gluten free and whole grain bread is Rudi’s.

And, of course, the BEST vegan butter ever is organic Earth Balance!

Add some flavor:

To make practically any of the above breakfast items even tastier and kid friendly, try adding a swirl on top of your breakfast of my 3.5 year old daughter’s favorite: Barlean’s Total Omega 3,6,9 Vegan Berry Swirl. It’s a liquid omega 3,6,9 supplement that tastes delicious and also looks cool on top of breakfast cereals or waffles. It has a yogurt-like consistency.

Not a breakfast eater? In a rush? Try:

Sambazon Acai Juice Blends make me feel satisfied and energized. They’re tasty and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants and I can buy them while I’m out or take them with me when I’m in a rush.

Odwalla Superfood green juice smoothies are also incredibly handy, delicious and packed with nutrients. You can buy them at a lot of convenience stores and they are satisfying too!

These are just some of the staple breakfast items that we have in our house.

Please feel free to comment with any other breakfast ideas you have come up with as I always love new vegan food ideas and products.

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