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Notes On The Gerson Miracle

Notes from Charlotte Gerson Lecture:

Toxins are in our food due to processing, preserving, pesticides, bleaching, excess fats and proteins that your body can not break down properly, etc. Toxins are also enzyme inhibitors so as long as there are too many toxins in the body, the enzyme systems can’t work and you can’t digest properly, you can’t assimilate the nutrients that your body needs properly, you can’t break down the fats and proteins to their end products and so they accumulate in your body and cause damage.

Once extensive damage has been caused to all the essential organs, the body begins to develop chronic disease.

So you need to detoxify your body in order to get rid of the poisons and allow your body to heal. You need to restore the enzyme systems so that your body can assimilate the nutrients that it needs to function.

The food we eat needs to be oxidized in the cell systems into energy and in order to do this you need enzyme activity. If there’s too much inhibition of enzymes, the cell systems no longer oxidize and instead they turn it into fermentative energy to stay alive but with fermentative energy the cell can only do one thing – grow and split, grow and split and grown and split uncontrollably, which is cancer.

When you have enough toxins and enough damage to the enzyme systems and you’re not getting enough fresh enzymes into your body because of the depleted dead, cooked foods we, as a society, are eating and the enzyme systems are blocked because of the toxins and the cells have fermentative energy production, you have the beginning of cancer.

However, it does not necessarily become cancer because a normal, healthy body with the immune system functioning properly recognizes these malignant cells as foreign cells and they’ll attack and destroy them. So why doesn’t the immune system do this? Because the immune system is also toxic and not working – it’s made up of cells too and they too need live active nutrients and are blocked by excess fats, sodium, protein and chemicals.

Dr. Gerson showed that the beginning of all chronic disease was loss of potassium from the cell systems and invasion of sodium. In nature all of the foods that we get are high in potassium and low in sodium. But when foods are processed, cooked, jarred and preserved always the potassium is lost and sodium is added. We reverse the mineral balances that we need. We do need sodium but it needs to say within the fluid systems and the potassium has to stay within the cell systems because they activate the enzymes.

Potassium activates enzymes, sodium is an enzyme inhibitor and if sodium penetrates the cells, the cells can not work anymore. But why does sodium penetrate the cells? Because the foods we eat are so damaged, are so changed, the potassium has been lost, the sodium has been added so you’re constantly flooding the body with excess sodium. Your body tries to get rid of it through perspiration, urine, feces, mucus and even tears but it’s still flooded and when the body is not getting enough potassium, it can no longer function this way and collapses.

This collapse, whether it’s the immune system, enzyme system, skin system, pancreas, digestive system – it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what the disease is. When you are able to flood the body with nutrients and detoxify the liver, the body will begin to rebuild it’s systems and organs and it will heal itself.

Healing is not cutting out a tumor, radiating a damaged area, treating a symptom, giving a drug that causes damage and new disease. That is not healing. Healing is restoring all of the underlying systems – the kidneys, the liver, the brain, the bones, etc. Whether you are healing tuberculosis, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, it makes no difference and that’s where we clash with Orthodox medicine – 1 treatment to cure all disease? What do you mean?

Doctors in medical school do not study biochemistry and that is what we are dealing with here – the underlying biochemistry of the whole body. The immune system, hormone system, endocrine system, enzyme system, minerals, digestion, detoxification, nutrition. Every part of the body needs to be addressed and restored and reactivated so that your body can truly be healed.

Why is this not advertised and common knowledge? Because unlike the $100 million/year cancer industry, there is no profit to be made on organic carrots!

Through fresh, raw, organic vegetable and fruit juices (Gerson Institute patients drink over a gallon of freshly juiced organic vegetables and fruits/day – this is equal to 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables/day) and vegetarian meals including soups, salads and potatoes the body can begin to assimilate the nutrients that it needs to heal.

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