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Online Resources Regarding The Gerson Therapy

About the Gerson Therapy

Overview of Gerson Therapy, its history and basic protocol.

Click here for article by Paul Fassa

Books and DVDs available from the Gerson Library

Scientific papers supporting the Gerson Therapy.

Explanation of missing information and why Dr. Max Gerson’s work is censored on Wikipedia.

Gerson Documentaries

The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle, with Polish subtitles

The Gerson Miracle, with Russian subtitles

The Beautiful Truth movie trailer

Interview with Steve Kroschel, director of The Beautiful Truth.

Chatting with Charlotte

Interview with Charlotte about Dr. Max Gerson’s alternative cancer treatment approach.

Interview with Charlotte about popular American diet, the Gerson Therapy, and how and why it works.

Radio interview with Charlotte on cancer & medical industry fraud.

IAmHealthyRadio interview with Charlotte on the Gerson Therapy

Radio interview with Charlotte on the Gerson Therapy and current mainstream medical care.

Charlotte speaking at UCSD on the topic of aging.

Charlotte Gerson and Howard Straus interviewed on Healthy Planet, Healthy Me!

Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Max Gerson: Persecuted for Curing Cancer Naturally

Lecture given by Dr. Gerson in Escondido, CA in 1956

Interviews and Patient Testimonials

Prostate Cancer

Video of recovered cancer patient Issa Khalaf’s testimony of his Gerson healing experience.


Interview with Howie Doan on curing melanoma via the Gerson Therapy

Interview with Lisa Mendoza on curing melanoma via the Gerson Therapy

Blog website of Mike, melanoma patient.

Epitheliod Sarcoma

Blog website of Jess Ainscough, recovering cancer patient, with recipes and wellness tips.

Ovarian Cancer

Blog website of Cathy, recovering ovarian cancer patient.

Gerson Supporter – Casey Alls

Interview with producers of Food Matters:

The Beautiful Truth and Food Matters trailers

Dangers of Fluoride

Radio interview with Alan Drobnak on the dangers of fluoride.

This article states facts about fluoride and fluoridation

Dangers of fluoride and its ineffectiveness as a treatment.

Click here for article.

Dangers of Mercury

Interview with Dr. Len Fazio, D.D.S. on the dangers of mercury amalgam, and how to remove them safely.

Heavy Metals, Mercury, and Cancer

Mercury Amalgam causes chronic toxicity

The FDA’s own scientific panel urged the FDA to stop using mercury amalgam in pregnant women, children, and hypersensitive adults.

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas – What they are, what they do and how to do them.

More on coffee enemas – history, detoxification and procedure.

Series of articles on coffee enemas, organic foods, juices, lethal effects of chemotherapy drugs, and curing cystic fibrosis.


Comparison of Juice Extractors: Enzymes

Juicing video with Gisela Sommer from Norwalk Juicers

“Juice Feasting” diet and lifestyle.

Watercress: its importance in juices

Source of organic apples in Oregon, US. Please note that Gerson patients should not use any of the real sweet varieties like red delicious.

Source of farmers in the US

The Best Juicers for the Gerson Therapy

Guide to Buying Juicers, on Wellness Warrior

Farmers Markets/Organic produce

Local harvest website:

USDA search engine:

Current-Day Health Concerns

Series of articles on coffee enemas, organic foods, juices, lethal effects of chemotherapy drugs, and curing cystic fibrosis.

Kathryn Alexander’s article downloads on health and uncovering health myths

Article about acidic effects of too much sodium and too little potassium.

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr Dean Ornish on CNN talking about Bill Clinton’s “new diet”

The media assault on Mexico’s alternative cancer clinics (from Mike Adams)

“Why Factory Farms Threaten Your Health,” by John Robbins

Pesticides may be a leading cause of degenerative diseases

Make Mine Organic (excerpt from The Organic Manifesto, by Maria Rodale)

“Shopping for the Cure” from Breast Cancer Action

“Think Before You Pink!” By Mike Adams, on

Can We Eat to Starve Cancer? Interview with William Li

How you can help end the criminalization of supplement and vitamin producers in America, article by Mike Adams

A safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products

5 tables of ingredients to avoid

Samuel Epstein’s new book Toxic Beauty

Caring for a Loved One Who Has Cancer—Stress Management Tips. (Guest post by Dr. Suzanne Gelb on Gerson patient Jessica Ainscough’s blog, Wellness Warrior)

How to make a castor oil pack, demo video

Please note that this video was not made with the Gerson Therapy in mind, so a Gerson patient should be aware that when doing a castor oil pack on the Gerson Therapy:

  • Using an electric heating pad is not recommended.

  • Drug store brand castor oil is not acceptable, nor should one use baking soda to clean up.

  • Use caution when putting the castor oil pack in the oven, as the wool cloth may burn easily. Do not use a microwave.

Online Support Group


Hippocrates Soup demo video

Social Media

Gerson Institute’s Facebook Page

Facebook Causes: The Gerson Institute

Gerson Institute’s Twitter Feed (@GersonInstitute)!/GersonInstitute

Gerson Institute’s E-bulletin Archives

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