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My Favorite Morning Smoothie

My favorite morning smoothie is a mixture of frozen organic bananas, frozen organic blueberries, organic rice, almond or soy milk, Pine’s Wheat Grass, Nature’s Balance Chlorella and All One Powder.

For anyone suffering from anemia, this shake has cured my anemia time and time again.

For convenience purposes, I like to make my shake in a Magic Bullet. As cheesy as the infomercials may be, the Magic Bullet is pretty handy. What I like about it is that it serves as the cup that you drink out of so you don’ t have to clean a bunch of big blender parts, you just add the ingredients in, blend it up and rinse the blade off real well immediately after. Very handy!


1 organic frozen banana (I keep broken up pieces of frozen banana in the freezer always)

1/2 cup of organic frozen blueberries

1 serving of Pine’s Wheat Grass

1 serving of Nature’s Balance Chlorella

1 serving of All One Powder

Fill BlendTec up with rice, almond or soy milk until the ingredients are covered with liquid.

Why Wheat Grass?

Just check out this graph showing the nutrient levels of wheat grass compared to standard fresh green vegetables. Enough said!

Why chlorella?

Chlorella has a long history of scientifically-confirmed therapeutic benefits ranging from its ability to detoxify your body of stored heavy metals; mercury, cadmium, lead etc., and chemical pollutants such as pesticides, PCBs and dioxins, – through safe LDL cholesterol and triglyceride reduction, and blood glucose regulation – to its capacity to slow down, and even reverse the dangerous decline in immune cell counts for those taking chemotherapy.

Chlorella has also been found to reduce toxins in mother’s breastmilk therefor reducing chemical exposure to newborn infants!


Why All One Powder?

My uncle, who has been a vegan for 20 years and reads extensively on vegan nutrition highly recommended All One Powder to me. It’s vegan, gluten free and awesome!

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