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Serves 6-8


8 organic avocados

4 organic limes

1 pkg of organic cilantro

1 organic tomato

1 organic white onion

2 organic cloves of garlic

Sea salt & pepper to taste


Half avocados and throw into a large bowl. Half limes, squeeze the lime juice over the avocados. Dice up the tomatoes into 1/2" pieces and throw into the bowl. Dice up the onion into 1/2" pieces and throw into bowl. Dice up the garlic as tiny as possible and throw in. Remove the stems from the cilantro so you just have the leaves. Chop up the leaves and throw in. Mix it all up and then salt and pepper to taste!


This recipe was created by watching the staff at El Torito make their tableside guacamole while at Disneyland! We ate there twice in five days as we loved it so much. Then we proceeded to make their guacamole all summer long practically daily!

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