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Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Ingredients & Preperation:

Select 4-5 sweet potatoes. Depending on size of the potatoes, I average 1-2 per person. Peel the skin off. I think it effects the overall taste. Try it both ways and decide for yourself. Cut potatoes in half length wise so they fit in your food processor. Using the grating/shredding attachment, grate all the sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, heat up your grill on medium-high. I use a flat double-burner grill, but any size will work. I have used both non-stick and cast iron, just make sure to spray non-stick oil on either. Pour your grated potatoes into a bowl, pour oil in and stir. Use your hands and really mix the oil and potatoes up well. You can use more or less oil as desired. Chop up your garlic. I like medium sized garlic chunks. Garlic is a personal preference, but I think it makes these hash browns amazing. Pour the potatoes out evenly on the grill or pan. Make sure you have a nice even thickness or layer to ensure even cooking. Spread garlic chunks over hash browns. Sprinkle salt over hash browns. Be generous. Brown for 5-8 minutes per side. Flip the hash browns in large sections. Watch that they don’t burn, but brown evenly. Lift a corner to look. Some Extra Tips:

If you like garlic add more. I think the more garlic the better. You can use your spatula to form them into flippable sizes. Here’s relativity to a batch of sweet potato hash browns. I used 7 small sweet potatoes and fed only 2 adults and two small children. It’s easy to eat an entire plate of sweet potato hash browns. Don’t spread your hash browns out too thin, and don’t press them flat. Monitor the heat of the pan or griddle. If it’s too hot, the sweet potato hash brown’s will burn.


Sweet potato hash browns have become a staple in our house. Sweet potatoes are an incredibly nutritious root vegetable that are high in beta-carotene and complex carbohydrates.

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